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Preserve your Forage and Silage Feed Value

Good forage management is more than just production. Conklin’s Feedstore hay inoculant, Feedstore Generation II silage inoculant and Pro-Serve III forage treatment are necessary components of your crop management system. These forage and silage treatments will help you recover more dry matter, preserve the hay and retain more nutrients to feed to your livestock. Without them, improper fermentation, heat damage and runoff can prevent you from getting the most nutrients from your crop.

    Conklin’s hay and silage treatments will:

  • Provide greener, leafier bales with improved palatability.
  • Keep bale and ensile at higher moisture levels.
  • Reduce storage losses.
  • Retain more nutrients.
  • Be non-corrosive to equipment.
“No other product on the market compares to Feedstore silage inoculant. It helps the fermentation process, doesn’t lose the green color and has a perfect aroma. I am always satisfied with the end results.”
— Tim H., TX


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