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Fresh and Cozy Laundry with Environmentally Friendly Products

Conklin laundry products out-clean grocery store brands at a fraction of the cost. These highly-concentrated products allow you to use less per load – for example, one bottle of Waush Ultra Fresh laundry detergent is equal to four bottles of the leading store brand. And our products work in all water temperatures, saving energy and lowering your heating bill.

But we don’t sacrifice quality for economy – we give you both! Our laundry products get the job done right the first time while they protect septic systems, the environment and your family.

Find out why so many loyal customers have been using Conklin laundry products since 1970.
“ I’ve been using Conklin’s laundry products for over six years, and appreciate all of them! These products are of such superior quality and so economical – they are always a hit at my home parties. My customers keep coming back for more!”
Mary Ann L , Indiana


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