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Top Producers Use Fastrack®

Fastrack Gels
During periods of stress—caused by diseases and subsequent treatments, vaccination, transportation, disruption in feed supply, or any other event that harshly interrupts the animal’s normal environment—certain negative changes occur internally in the digestive system. These changes affect digestion and feed nutrient absorption, resulting in reduced health and production performance of the animal.

Conklin® Fastrack gel products stabilize the digestive system by keeping the animal eating, and by enhancing the immune system to support the full genetic potential of the animal.

Fastrack Boluses
Conklin Fastrack boluses are our most direct way to deliver naturally-occurring organisms to the gut of an animal for a strong, healthy digestive tract and immune system. Start your newborns and weaned animals right by using Fastrack boluses within the first 1-2 weeks of birth. Supplement anytime thereafter during periods of normal growth and development, production, and especially when an environmental stress challenge is made on the animal.

For Every Stage of your Animal’s Life Cycle

Fastrack®’s Microbial Pack is our Signature Product
Recognized world-wide as a superior, direct-fed microbial feed additive, Fastrack Microbial Pack is best used when top-dressed or mixed into any daily ration, high grain or forage diet.

There is a specially-formulated Fastrack Microbial Pack and supplement for every stage of an animal’s Life Cycle. Use daily to add the beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, and live yeast that help animals get the most nutrients from the feeds they eat. They will reward you with a lifetime of healthy enhanced performance and production from increased feed consumption and utilization. [ ID requested was: 33 ]

“With Fastrack® the cows we have increased in production of milk and protein percent resulting in larger calves at weaning. Feed and weather changes do not affect the cows as much so the cows bounce back quicker.”
— Bonnie K., Pennsylvania



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