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Boost Yields with Feast® Fertilizers

Conklin’s fertilizers start with the highest quality raw materials to produce a superior finished product. Unlike most fertilizers in the industry, Feast is an absolutely clear liquid, true solution with no impurities. It has a low salt index providing 100-percent orthophosphate and potash with potassium hydroxide. Only low-biuret (the most common impurity) urea sources are used in these specifically-formulated fertilizers. Feast can be mixed with most pesticides.

    Other benefits of Feast starter fertilizers include:

  • Effective at lower application rates.
  • Demonstrated seed safety.
  • Non-corrosive to equipment.
  • More than 20 years of research and field-proven test results.
“Using Conklin’s Side-Kick with Feast 9-18-9 produces a more balanced nutrient package that really boosts our yields. This past year, one 240-acre field averaged 338 BPA while our 3,400 acres of corn averaged 296 BPA.”
— Donny C., Multi-Winner NCGA National and State Champion, TX


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