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Maximize Your Crops’ Nutrient Potential

Once you have your AgroVantage® soil and/or plant tissue analysis results and recommendations, choose from a full line of Feast® Micro Master chelated secondary and micronutrients to balance your soils’ and/or plants’ deficiencies. These nutrients are designed for co-application with starter or foliar fertilizers. All of our formulations are unsurpassed in consistency, purity and nutrient availability. They are 100-percent chelated using EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) chelating agents (to resist soil tie-up and provide universal compatibility).

    Feast secondary and micronutrients are:

  • Five to 10 times more efficient than inorganic sources.
  • Economical, effective and easy-to-use.
  • Compatible with most fertilizers.
“This past summer I received a call from a very unhappy grower who was trying to figure out why the fertilizer tank on his planter was full of crystals. He had run out of one of the Feast products and since he was nearly done planting for the season, he decided to call a local supplier to get enough “Chelated” product to finish up. The product supplied by the local dealer was only “partially” EDTA Chelated. That’s a tough way to learn the value of using only high quality micronutrients.”
— Tim Carlson, CCA Research Agronomist


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